My family and I moved to Draycott in September 2010 and have had various issues with BT off and on over the past few years. We have two landlines as I work from home a fair bit and needed a separate line for work calls.
The broadband connection has always been slow and recently we were getting a lot of dropped connections. Partly this was due to a recent equipment upgrade in the Blockley exchange which affected our connection during the day. This was in fact caused by us as we turned off the router at night – I would not advise doing this as ASDL broadband is designed as an “always on” service. We now disable the wireless signal at night, leaving the router on and this has solved the problem.
I work for Vodafone (don’t moan about poor coverage…) which may or may not be useful to us going forward.

Steve Spruce

My broadband frequently goes down and I have difficulty downloading information.

Gill Linley (Mrs)