I too am totally fed up and frustrated with the broadband. In September I had 2 engineers out, 2 in August. Every month without fail we have either no internet or very slow with a phone line that is so crackly that you cannot hear the caller. This is unsatisfactory particularly when I work from home. I would happily have done the survey. Thank you for dropping your flyer in our post box.

Felicity Snell

After six weeks of constant drops offs and after countless calls to BT (via the offshore call centre) an engineer was finally sent. There was a problem at the exchange and he connected me to another line which was working! The speed is now acceptable but I have still experienced drop offs and slow speeds. I was repeatedly told the problem was with the way I had my equipment setup and that there was nothing wrong with the line and like many others I was also repeatedly told if a problem wasn’t found by the BT engineer then I would be charged

Richard Joynes