Shifting deckchairs around the deck of the Titanic

Broadband used to be adequate in Draycott – enough to watch a movie on iplayer, for example. But over the last 2 or 3 months it has become dire. I, like many, have called Broadband faults time and time again. I have twice had an engineer out – and they fiddle and press buttons and run tests and re-configure something down the line. It might work well for a couple of days, but then it reverts.

It is now so bad that I regularly receive less than 2Mbps download, and often no connection on upload.

So, I am keeping a diary of failings – which might prove useful in the future. (On a simple spreadsheet, recording the Download and Upload speeds and the date and time. I am using the Which? Broadband speed tester)

I am now convinced that we are all just chasing the same limited capacity, and ‘they’ are eeking out the  bandwidth amongst us. Business customers will inevitably get a certain degree of priority, as they pay a higher price.

Make no mistake, I have no quarrel with any other users – I am totally in favour of rural communities growing, being fully active and representing all walks of life. But we need the infrastructure to match central governments’ idealism. This shouldn’t be about whether BT thinks it’s commercially viable, but about what the country needs to be fit for a 21st century economy on the verge of exiting the European Union. So many industries now depend on the internet, and we as consumers need reliable access for many daily activities.

But, this is a bigger problem than getting the engineer out ….. again. (though we might consider ALL doing it on the same day at the same time!)

As far as I can see, Draycott will be competing for very limited crumbs from the Fastershire table unless we can show a determined interest. That means we each need to register with Fastershire to at least be in the running.

Later, we may need to show that there is a distinct commercial value (the Draycott Business estate and Northwick Park units together with the many businesses run from home in Draycott) on which the surrounding homes might ride on the back.

There are other options hinted at on the Broadband and Fastershire sites, but colleagues of mine in another Gloucestershire village report endless delays and postponements – over 3 years!

We can perhaps explore these next:

Do you know of any other options?

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