I don’t want this site to become JUST a place to moan, but……

…but, sharing our experiences does help us get a better overall view of what’s going on.

We can use this to our advantage: When we next negotiate with BT; when we lobby Clifton-Browne MP.; when we start to get the media (perhaps BBC You & Yours and Daily Telegraph) involved to bring greater attention to this issue.

If we had a modest holding bandwidth that enabled us to operate, then maybe I’d be a bit more patient for the upgrade process. But I get the distinct feeling that we are being fobbed off with pseudo solutions, and that we are being played off one against the other.

This week, I have achieved only 1.5 Mbps download. Today (Wednesday) I gave in and called BT again. At 1:45 after re-setting the line, my access went down completely. It stayed like that for 3 hours until I called again. Curiously, this time it recovered – while I was on the phone – and has provided adequate bandwidth since – enough to receive e-mails and get back on here.

I don’t believe in coincidence.

What I am learning is that there are great number of us that are battling BT – each on our own. I suggest we each keep a diary of the times we have to call BT. (I’ll see if I can find a way of sharing that easily on this site)

And also keep a diary of the speeds we are actually experiencing – 2 or 3 times during the day, if you can, and especially when it is causing problems.

Pooling that information will help us make our case later and explain the real problem.

I have now delivered a note to every house in Draycott. That’s 101 houses, excluding those 1 or 2 that are clearly unoccupied.

The next step is to survey the Draycott Business Estate, and then the Northwick Business Units.

But any suggestions as to how we take this forward will be most welcome. My outline plan at the moment is:

  1. See how much interest (and motivation) there is in the village
  2. Get a serious vote logged with Fastershire – in terms of numbers
  3. Sound out Draycott Business Estate and Northwick Park Units
  4. Lobby Clifton-Browne MP with the scale of dis-satisfaction with BT (and their franchise)
  5. Up the ante with the media, as “a typical village, not a 100 miles from London”, with many small businesses, families, people ‘working from home’, and some not-so-young folk in the community. No shop, no pub, no service.
  6. Seek the support of neighbouring villages of Paxford and Aston Magna.

Your comments and suggestions would be very welcome. Have you any skills, technical knowledge,  or contacts we could use?


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