Wurzelweb.com and others.

Just for interest, I asked Wurzelweb.com what it would cost to connect my house in Draycott. I pointed out there were 100 houses and a business estate in Draycott, and at least two other villages close by (Paxford and Aston Magna)

Their response is interesting:

“Afternoon David,

This is not currently an area we can cover as you are so low down we can not see Draycott or Aston Magna from any of our relay points. We are however working on it due to the amount of interest we have had from this area.

There is potential for a new mast that will see you from Chipping Campden but we are still in the initial stages.


Adam Marley

Wurzel Ltd”

There is a certain casualness in Adam’s tone which some may find appealing, while others will find it typical of the problem we face.

I wonder what ‘Initial stages’ actually means.

I am also in touch with Sugarnet.com to see what their conclusions might be. I’ll report back when I have spoken with them.

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