Rare update …..

It’s difficult to update this place as my broadband has been functioning at 1.5 mbps for the last week or so. And just for the record, BT never did phone back as promised after ‘so called’ monitoring the line.

Even the broadband speed check can’t find a server, often as not. This is odd since I gather some of my neighbours are getting adequate speeds and are not concerned.

And so, probably just like some of you, I have called BT again, and again an engineer will come out.

Meanwhile, I did learn something. The Ping value. That’s how long it takes for a message to go from you to the server, and back again. Normal values are about 100-150 milliseconds. If you get anything lower, that’s good. (Gamers who need instant reactions need about 50 or so). Mine is currently 2880! No wonder my emails don’t go anywhere.

On a different tack, I have now spoken with Sugarnet.com who are keen to progress this district. These are the guys who would put a mast up and bring broadband in using different technology. BUT they are really only interested in business accounts. So, I’m going to check out what Draycott Business Park’s satisfaction level is (about 20 businesses), then possibly also check Northwick Park’s Unit’s satisfaction levels (about 40 businesses).

If there’s sufficient interest it just might be the catalyst for seeking an alternative to BT.

If there is no appetite there, then we are left with precious little leverage.

I’ll post something once I have completed that survey.

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