I’m not advocating specifically, but at the moment they are the only people who have shown any interest in providing a solution, and who have a track record in delivering to rural areas.

I am keeping in touch with the village of Wolverton, Warwickshire who are about to go live with in November 2016, and will be keen to hear their feedback.

The alternative solution provided to Aldsworth, Gloucestershire is cable based and is suffering from repeated delays. This is through Fastershire and their recommended supplier Gigaclear. I’m regularly in touch with their ‘champion’, who is resigned to the situation.

Whatever the options – including Fastershire – nothing is going to happen unless we have substantial support within the village and the local business community to make it financially worthwhile to a contractor.

For interest sake and for what it’s worth, I have copied across some initial ‘Sales’ explanation from

– The connections are synchronous, which means the upload speed is the same as download, normally, with BT, for example, you might have a 10mb package, this means 10mb download, but you may only have 1mb upload. These days upload is increasingly important for moving large files, video calling and anything else where one needs to send data “back up” to the internet. The upload speed has quite a dramatic effect on internet performance.

– It is worth emphasising that this is NOT using traditional BT exchanges, BT copper cables or any of the “old stuff”. e.g., we are not just reselling a BT connection under another name. It is new, but completely proven technology which entirely does away with the need for phone lines (for internet) and operates completely independently. In short, we have our own network of wireless radio transmitters covering rural Oxfordshire which can “beam” extremely high quality internet from point to point.

– We install a small discreet device at some height (Normally on a TV Aerial pole), and run a cable down and through the wall, very much the same as having a Sky dish installed, but smaller. On the end of this we place a standard TP-Link router, which acts as your Wireless Access Point for the home or business, as well as ports to plug devices into. You can in some instances re use your BT Home Hub, but if you have ever purchased a different router then we will be able to program this to work on SugarNet too. Once we have reached the inside of the property with the cable, this needs to be situated near 2 x standard plug sockets so we can power the device on the roof and the router. 

– Stone walls and any age properties can pose a number of different issues for wifi around your house. Especially when you get decent speed capabilities. We are happy to advise and even quote on sorting out your internal wifi depending on your requirements. 

– A standard installation is normally straight down from the roof and through one wall. We understand that customers have different needs, and we can go through any individual requirements before work starts. It is worth noting that we do not charge for installation until after you have been successfully installed and you are receiving the speed you have requested. We do not promise a speed and then advise that it will be slower, thanks to the technology it just doesn’t work like that. 

– If you change your mind about the speed that you wish to receive, this can be done remotely and does not require an engineers visit. Payments are made by standing order, and you will receive an invoice on the 1st of every month. As we offer unlimited data on internet you wont be getting any nasty surprise data usage charges on your bill. 




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