Anybody noticed an improvement over the last few days?

Even though the engineer failed to turn up, BT apparently (and according to texts from them) checked the lines leading up to these premises (maybe even Draycott).

For the last few days, Download speeds have returned to the 6’s and 7’s we knew in early August.

The big question is, is this for everyone, or have they just tweaked’my’ bit of the system, and more importantly, will it continue?

I shall continue to monitor, but I’m hoping this is a more substantial adjustment to the system, and perhaps this time they have discovered a real hindrance in the previous configuration.

Time will tell, but do let me know if you are getting a better speed now.

4 thoughts on “Anybody noticed an improvement over the last few days?

  1. We only really suffer at peak times and when both the teenagers are streaming music, the wife is on Netflix and we are downoading something from Sky Catchup TV. I know you use the Which? speed checker but I always use http://WWW.SPEEDTEST.BTWHOLESALE.COM
    This is the speed checker that Plusnet (our provider, and wholly owned by….BT!!) tells me to use, and sends data back to them whenever I do the test. At the risk of upsetting some folk I’ve just done a test and got:

    Download 9.26 Mbps Upload 0.76 Mbps and Ping latency of 27.13 ms.

    All at 6pm tonight. That is a definite improvement. The last time I checked was some months ago and the most I would ever get is 5 Mbps. The upload speed is about the same, and, as you say elsewhere, is becomely increasingly important.
    Having said all that I would definitely pay for increased speed through fibre or elsewhere. I just wish BT would get on with it. I will help any way I can to progress this.


  2. Thanks for this feedback, Mark. I too, am now getting scores of 5 or 6 mbps over recent days [upload of around 1-1.5 and Ping of 165], so maybe something has actually happened.
    I’ve also been receiving remarkably good attention from someone at BT who have provided me with a text number for a more immediate response, and have responded within minutes when I last complained.
    I shall continue to monitor on a regular basis.
    Here’s hoping!

    (PS: I don’t have a lot of confidence in Fastershire. I have not received any response from my request for a Code in order to seek an alternative supplier and claim the installation cost for it)


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