Engineer’s visit

I had another Engineer sent ’round on Monday (Nov 21st).

This more experienced chap tested everything, found nothing, but didn’t let go.

He checked the wiring on the nearest pole and found a loose wire connection, and fixed it. He also upgraded the wall panel socket to one that doesn’t need the dangling ADSL converter (or whatever it does!).

Curiously, a little while back, another engineer replaced the face panel saying “we try to upgrade these whenever we find them” – but changing just the face panel does nothing!

Two other comments from this more mature engineer:-

  1. That the possible reason the cabinet has not been upgraded might because there is no electric supply nearby, and that adds cost, or planning permission, which makes it less financially attractive. I haven’t checked the validity of this hypothesis, yet.
  2. That a crackling line can cause problems to the broadband connection, and that next time, maybe call BT to fix the crackling line, rather than calling broadband.  I had always assumed that the broadband affected the line.

A final point: he commented that my line had tested perfectly, and that if it had been a first time callout he would not have double checked everything, including the blink at 30 ft.

So I just wonder if our connections (on the pole, or wherever) are getting old, or perhaps were wired by a disaffected engineer all those years ago, and just need to be replaced.

As a Postscript:

  1. My request for a CODE to get alternative supplier has not been responded to or acknowledged
  2. My follow up email to Fastershire operatives has not been acknowledged or answered
  3. My letter (snail mail) of complaint to BT Customer Services back in September has not bee answered or acknowledged
  4. The £1 billion upgrade to broadband (News this week) doesn’t seem to extend to rural Gloucestershire, though does seem to be chasing ever faster connections in urban areas.Maybe Clifton-Browne ought to be lobbied to get the basics in place first!




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