Toddlers now use ipads to watch games; school children are encouraged to use the internet for homework; social media and photo sharing is commonplace; new computers encourage Cloud storage for all files and some software; shopping online is growing; utilities encourage us to ‘paper free’ billing; let alone appointments, prescriptions, banking (I gather Moreton HSBC is scheduled to close), and online games and tv.

…and of course email is the main written communication medium nowadays.

Each household will have a number of devices accessing broadband, and if there are visitors the demands just go up as witnessed on any long weekend.

The purpose of this Blog is to co-ordinate the village’s frustration with the lack of any plans to improve Broadband access.

Individually, we are picked off by BT and given unsatisfactory answers to the sporadic or sometimes inaccessible Broadband service, which we each pay full fee to receive.

Through this Blog, we can:-

  • Pool our knowledge and resources
  • Register our dissatisfaction
  • Share our experiences
  • Plan a co-ordinated campaign
  • Create a single voice

A small sample survey showed that many in the village are frustrated.

If we don’t speak up for ourselves, then we are likely to be waiting for years.

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