Update: November 28th ….

Since the Engineer fixed a loose connection on the pole, we have been receiving an acceptable and relatively steady 6mbps download for over a week. So far so good. I also eventually received a response from Fastershire this morning: "Thank you for registering for the Better Broadband Scheme. The data we have been provided with … Continue reading Update: November 28th ….


Engineer’s visit

I had another Engineer sent 'round on Monday (Nov 21st). This more experienced chap tested everything, found nothing, but didn't let go. He checked the wiring on the nearest pole and found a loose wire connection, and fixed it. He also upgraded the wall panel socket to one that doesn't need the dangling ADSL converter … Continue reading Engineer’s visit


I'm not advocating Sugarnet.com specifically, but at the moment they are the only people who have shown any interest in providing a solution, and who have a track record in delivering to rural areas. I am keeping in touch with the village of Wolverton, Warwickshire who are about to go live with Sugarnet.com in November … Continue reading Sugarnet.com

Wolverton engaged Sugarnet to solve their Broadband problem

I've come across some people who live in Wolverton, Warwickshire - a small village up near Warwick and close to Snitterfield and Norton Lindsey. They have been experiencing internet speeds of 'up to 1.0Mbps'. They clubbed together and engaged Sugarnet earlier this year to assess their village with the result that they needed 25 homes to stump … Continue reading Wolverton engaged Sugarnet to solve their Broadband problem

I don’t want this site to become JUST a place to moan, but……

...but, sharing our experiences does help us get a better overall view of what's going on. We can use this to our advantage: When we next negotiate with BT; when we lobby Clifton-Browne MP.; when we start to get the media (perhaps BBC You & Yours and Daily Telegraph) involved to bring greater attention to this … Continue reading I don’t want this site to become JUST a place to moan, but……